Virginia tech horticulture garden

Virginia tech horticulture garden

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Virginia tech horticulture garden

The Virginia Tech Horticulture Garden is a agricultural botanical garden on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Garden is situated at the intersection of Blacksburg Parkway and South Jefferson Street, and is considered part of the larger Commonwealth Horticultural Complex, a $7.5 million state-of-the-art horticulture facility located on of farmland. The entire complex is sited on land donated to the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station in 1904 and the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AREC) in 1928.

The horticulture garden was established in 1999 when it was dedicated as the Charles R. Woodson Horticulture Garden in honor of one of the first black students and a pioneering scientist. In 2016, it was renamed in honor of William Allen, a black educator and Virginia Tech administrator, and his wife Martha Allen.

The horticulture garden is divided into five major and three minor sections, with exhibits devoted to native plants, fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, tropical, greenhouse, garden management, and horticulture science. The garden showcases a wide variety of flora, including trees, herbs, berry plants, shrubs, and wildflowers. Visitors can view the garden through a series of arbors, walkways, and elevated viewing platforms, as well as take part in numerous educational programs throughout the year.

The horticulture garden is open daily without charge from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Grounds are closed in inclement weather.

Virginia Tech Horticulture Garden on Facebook

The horticulture garden is also a popular location for Virginia Tech students to gather and enjoy each other's company while taking in the scenic view. As of October 2019, the horticulture garden on Facebook has over 60,000 followers.


Charles R. Woodson Horticulture Garden

The horticulture garden was originally named the Charles R. Woodson Horticulture Garden in honor of the first African-American educator in America and the first black professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Woodson, who was a member of the Institute's first graduating class, founded the first agricultural department in Virginia Tech in 1926. He also played a crucial role in the integration of public education in Virginia.

William Allen Horticulture Garden

In 2016, in honor of the university's founder and his wife, Martha Allen, the horticulture garden was renamed the William Allen Horticulture Garden. William Allen, a Virginia Tech alumnus and former director of the university's Institute of Science and Technology (now the Virginia Tech Research Corporation), donated US$6 million to the university to create the horticulture garden. The garden is named in his honor and is considered to be the largest privately funded green space on campus. The horticulture garden is dedicated to students of all backgrounds and the community in general.

In January 2017, two statues, representing the life and legacy of Dr. William Allen, were dedicated at the university. Allen was a member of Virginia Tech's founding class of 1915 and the first black student to graduate from the Institute.

Garden layout

The William Allen Horticulture Garden is located in the northwest corner of the campus in between L'Enfant Plaza and the James E. Vaughan Administration Building. The garden measures approximately in size. The garden features six major components. The William Allen Learning Center, the first component of the garden, serves as a classroom for children, families, and community members. There are two community-use gardens: The Allen Learning Center Garden and the Cone Family Community Garden. The Allen Learning Center Garden is for research and educational purposes. The community-use garden, in addition to cultivating food, provides a place to share knowledge and information while also having a social experience.

The three remaining components, designated for research and educational purposes, are: the Community Research Garden, the School of Forestry's Herb Garden, Herb Garden for Research, and Herb House, and the Virginia Tech Research Greenhouse. The Community Research Garden (CRG) is used for collaborative research between faculty and students. The CRG provides a place for researchers and students to develop, grow, and test plants, and provide a controlled environment for experimentation. The Community Herb Garden, Herb House, and Herb Garden are for educational purposes. The Herb House, established in 2005, serves as a place for students to receive basic horticulture knowledge. In 2007, the William Allen Horticulture Garden was chosen to be the location for the Herb House. The Herb Garden for Research provides space for students and staff to conduct experiments, as well as provide space for students and faculty to perform research in the fields of horticulture and forestry.

There are also several other university-owned gardens and research areas. These include: the Environmental Research Area, the Institute of Forest Resources, the University's Arboretum, the Biosciences Greenhouses, and the Virginia Tech Greenhouse. There are also several other gardens and nurseries located on the Virginia Tech campus that are non-owned, but can be used by anyone who is a Virginia Tech employee. These include: The Virginia Tech Pest Control Facility, The Virginia Tech Research Facility, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Department of Horticulture's Research and Education Facility, the Agriculture Museum and the Department of Forestry's Herb House, The Herb House, and the College of Agriculture's Arboretum.

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